Thursday, September 25, 2008

What must God be thinking of us?

Reading through Vaughnshire Farm blog- I must say that I agree so much with most everything I read on this blog. I do feel like God helped me find their blog-((since I have been reading and learning more about the women's role according to God and His Words from the Bible.)) I find that this is an area that most women don't know anything about-which seems very odd to me! I remember learning about women's rights in school. No one dared tell us the dirty evil side of this movement, or explain how "these brave women" changed my life, not so much for the better!. Now the more I learn, the more I see the real need to fight for women's rights. (not the right to vote or be president - but the right to stay home with my children, breast feed my babies, train as needed, and tend to the health of my family)
With all the buzz about Mrs. Palin, I have been very moved on how fellow Brother and Sisters in Christ have responded. Moved to sometimes tears (not of joy, but of a broken heart) other times I almost feel anger. Why anger? Because I am shocked at how Christians are playing this game of politics. Totally turning against what God has told us, for, what they call - HOPE!? I am left shocked, disgusted, and mournful. I wonder why we still teach about Eve being lead astray from God and her husband, while at the same time we so easily, almost joyfully, go astray ourselves. ----So I wanted to share what Beth from Vaughnshire Farm posted. Very well said, I must say. And If you feel "fed" from this portion on her post I encourage you to visit the link (listed on blogs that I follow, to the side) Read some more post and you will have some real "meat" to chew on!
Sarah is 44 and the mother of 5 children –19 years old and under. She
gave birth to a premature special needs newborn in April and returned to work 3
days after he was born. Now her 17 year old unmarried daughter
is 5 months pregnant and Sarah’s husband is…well, a stay-at-home
dad while Sarah parades around the country pursuing political fame.
Sarah says she can raise her children and run the nation and reading her flaming
feminist rhetoric is enough to send chills down my back.
Why doesn’t
this sound bizarre to the Christian community is the question I keep asking
myself? It is further proof that the majority of the Christian community
is so watered down in the sludge of cultural thought and gripped around the neck
by the lies of feminism, they can’t determine heads from tails if they
R.L. Dabney once quipped, “…when the mother shall have found
another sphere than her home for her energies; when she shall have exchanged the
sweet charities of domestic love and sympathy for the fierce passions of the
hustings (or politics); when families shall be disrupted at the caprice of
either party, and the children scattered as foundlings from their hearthstone,
it requires no wisdom to see that a race of sons will be reared nearer akin to
devils than to men. In the hands of such a bastard progeny, without
discipline, without homes, without a God, the last remains of social order will
speedily perish, and society will be overwhelmed in savage
God does not mince words when He states his desires for
His women and places upon them the honored place and sphere that only a
woman can fill. Many choose to overlook the fact that He has already given
a clear picture of how we as women are to conduct ourselves as
pleasing servants of the Lord first and foremost. Titus 2:4-5
states, “That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their
husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at
home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not
Dabney goes on to say, …”the very traits which fit her to be the
angel of a virtuous home unfit her to meet the agitations of political life,
even as safely as does the more rugged man. The hot glare of publicity and
passion will speedily deflower her delicacy and sweetness. Those
temptations, which her Maker did not form her to bear, will debauch her heart,
developing a character as much more repulsive than that of the debauched man as
the fall has been greater. The politicating woman, unsexed and
denaturalized, shorn of the true glory of her femininity, will appear to men as
a feeble hybrid manikin dwarf, with all the defects and none of the strength of
the male. Instead of being the dear object of his chivalrous affection,
she becomes his importunate rival, despised without being feared!”


boy crazy said...

holy cow........we have GOT to sit down (like we do, in your living room after the kids are asleep, as we should be) and talk about this. you have really brought an argument to the table that i need to find "myself" on. how i love to stay at home and tend to my house and make it a place that my family falls into with comfort! nothing means more to me. but then i take a look around and i see exactly what i don't house is a mess, i'm rushed, my kids are at the sitter...??? i need to do some soul searching. the loss of this baby has me praying for God to lead me to the right decision. i feel so lost right now and i need to find every EVERY way to be a true good woman for my family. it's a delicate balance. i've got a long journey ahead of me. thanks for this post, your words do reach others! at least me. i listen. we all have to make our own decisions...that is, in fact, THE greatest part of being an American, right? but any decisions without guidance from above aren't the right ones. This helps me...Prov 31:10-31

M & L said...

I agree, you should also read. . Created to be His Helpmeet, you will LOVE this book!

Jennifer said...

"I am left shocked, disgusted, and mournful"

So am the blatant Scripture twistings used to keep women behind walls whether they want to be or not. Rage, by all means, Farmgirl; the majority of people know PLENTY about "women's roles" and this is why they support Palin! They know women are just as multi-dimensional as men, and that a woman's role is not chalked up by one over-simplified and misused Bible passage. I cheer for Palin, and I mourn, or I used to, when I saw foolish ignorant people trying to tear her down because she didn't fit in with their narrowed spheres of womanhood, calling her a curse because they were too small to see what she really is. Well, I don't mourn anymore, because I know the truth; I know God supports her, I know women are for more than birthing babies and staying quietly within walls while those babies leave, and I know the majority of Christians know this too. Those who do not get a mildly pitying glance from me, and that's it; it's their loss. I don't need the ignorant rules for women of the past, and I certainly don't need Dabney's ridiculous, misogynistic and ultimately false preachings and predictions of doom for women who see themselves not as men, but as men's true partners, everywhere and in every sense, including the workplace for some women. Women do have the right to stay home and be there for their babies, a vital right. But they also have the right to run a country, if that is their calling.

Oh, and m&amp: you know the author of the book you recommended, "Created to be His helpmeet"? She, and her husband, both believe in women presidents.

FarmGirl, I don't really mind or care whether you post this or not. It's meant mainly just for you to read.