Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I love this man

It's not everyday that we learn of someone who is willing to risk it all for moral beliefs. When that sort of person comes around, you can know for sure that it's a gift from God. Godly gifts should be well respected and taken seriosly. That is how I feel about the wonderful Ron Paul! This is one amazing man. Just listening to him speak, tells you that the man knows his stuff. He is for sure the coolest person I have ever met! (Even if it was just for a moment) I'm still amazed! This man is fighting against "Big Brother", not just for his own, but for all of us, too. I highly recommend checking out his web sites. But beware,,,,,,, you might learn something!

http://www.campaignforliberty.com/ http://www.ronpaul.org/

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