Tuesday, September 9, 2008

along for the ride,

Since we have lived on our little 5 acres, I have been so very amazed at how God has shown His love for our family. The most amazing way God has worked in my life has been through the people He has put into my life. Through these people I have grown in ways that I never knew would come my way. Through these people I have learned of subjects that, before I either had no idea of, or was not interested in. God has used so many people to lift me up and guide me as a wife and mother. For this I, my family, and hopefully the generation to come, will be stronger. Thank You God, for Your love. Thank You God for sending Blessings that I had not even asked for. And I pray that God will continue to strengthen me, so I can someday repay the blessings He sends me, by helping another women, whom, in turn, can reach out to others. xo

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