Monday, September 27, 2010


"What sunshine is to flowers,
smiles are to humanity.
they are but trifles,
to be sure,
but, scattered along lifes pathway,
the good they do is
-Joseph Addison

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Cozy Nest

When the weather starts to cool off, I feel the urge to fluff my nest! I think we should call this "Nesting Season" and in my home, I think that is just what we will do! So, I'm brainstorming ways make my nest cozy. First I have to get some unwanted guest to move out! SPIDERS!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm not totally against em, I just don't care to have spiders running around in my house. Any tips, that don't require calling the sprayer man to come visit, would be wonderful! Remember, i have animals and children-nothing toxic!

what's new!

Like I said before so much has happened since I was on here last. I was pregos when i last blogged. That Blessing is now in the arms of my God and Savior, as I learned about the loss through miscarriage. A few mths following that, I become pregos again and was able to bring that blessing into the world. (which makes 5 blessing here on earth) Before my bundle arrived we learned of the sickness that my step-father was unknowingly fighting. Doctors told my mother that he had pancreatic cancer. While we look back and can see that he was probably fighting this for some time, it was new knowledge of what was making him sick. Within about one mths time of finding this cancer, Gary went to his home in Heaven. We all knew of Gary's love for The Lord, and it comes as a great comfort. His company is missed, but the impact he had on those he loved was strong and deep.

A short time after the loss of a dear grandfather, our family was preparing for the birth of our new baby! I think my children asked most everyday, if that would be "the day"! may 10 we received a new baby boy! (our first time not knowing what sex the baby would be) Like all days that babies are born, we will not forget that day! The Lord has Blessed us beyond what we deserve!

Now we have taken up a couple of goats (didn't see that one coming!)which we just love and I think will be a wonderful addition to our little family "farm" adventure. Garden and flowers didn't do as well as the weeds this year, but the baby is growing strong and big, so that gets me off the hook there!-)

Our family is always growing and my prayer is that much of that growth is in Wisdom- in all areas. So here's to "back to blogging!" and may I gain back some readers (who will leave comments!-) Through this blog, I desire-if it be God's will, to meet/share with others. To gain encouragement and to be encouraging~


wow! it's been too long and so much has happened! To the few "followers" i had, (and I'm sure have lost!) i must say sorry-i blame it on facebook! and the fact that I haven't had much to say (or at least not what I felt like was worth putting on a blog) I've been doing a lot of blog stalking again these days and i think I'm ready to get back on the blogging wagon!
(((please note- i usually type with one hand due to the fact that i'm usually holding a baby with the other hand-so please forgive the lack of making my "i" and some other letters caps- i try, but one handed typing can get tricky sometimes and the caps/shift button gets over looked--thanks for understanding! And if you don't, try doing your whole days typing with one hand and you will soon get it~

Friday, January 8, 2010

Does God see Meekness in our hearts?

We are told from God to have a meek spirit, but what does that really mean? Like the word "submission" I believe that we have a misunderstanding of what this word really means, so here is a simple study for us to ponder on,,,,,1. Humble patient or submissive, as under provocation from others. 2. Overly patient or submissive; tame. 3. Gentle; kind, meek, soft, mild, modest, long-suffering, enduring, modest, tolerant, persevering, understanding, unhurried.
Synonyms would be: humbleness, resignation, surrender, forbearance, yielding, docility;unassuming, understanding

In today's world, ladies are encourage to be verbal, flashy and unyielding. We grow up to be wives and mothers and wonder why there is so much anger and lack of peace in our lives. I truly believe that searching the Bible and finding out what God expects of us is the only way to find real happiness in our lives,,,,despite the world around us! I know that I can see many examples in the words above that remind me of areas I need to pay extra attention to.
How patient and soft did I speak to my children? How submissive and yielding am I to my Husbands needs? Did I preserver in my chores? Let us remind one another to pray to God for help in these areas! ~xo~

Saturday, December 12, 2009

What does a Mother get out of being a mother?

"She's one woman in a million. It's something to thank God for, a mother like that; it's a privilege to know her. I've been wondering what she gets out of it; but I think I've found it out. This morning, thinking what her life is, I couldn't see what repaid her, do you see?" (young man talking to the daughter of this mother who has 8 children) "What made up to her for the unending effort and sacrifice, the pouring out of love and sympathy and help- year after year after year...."

"You know, these days when women just serenely ignore the question of children, or at most, as a special concession, bring up one or two- just the one or two whose expenses can be comfortably met!- there's something magnificent in a woman like your mother, who begins eight destinies instead of one! She doesn't strain and chafe to express herself through the medium of poetry or music or the stage, but she puts her whole splendid philosophy into her nursery- launches sound little bodies and minds that have their first growth cleanly and purely about her knees. "

" Why, what good is learning, or elegance of manner, painfully acquired fitness of speech and taste and point of view, if you are not going to distill it into the growing plants, the only real hope we have in the world?

"you know, there's a higher tribunal than the social tribunal of this world, after all; and it seems to me that a woman who stands there, with a forest of new lives about her and a record like hers will find she has a Friend at court!"

taken from MOTHER, by Kathleen Norris. A book I just finished about a Young lady who just can't seem to understand why her mother has given up her life to keep having babies. I think this is a struggle that many ladies and young mothers battle at some time or another. I found this book through , I wish I could buy a whole cart of these to pass out to others! (I put in bold what I felt was significant)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


In a world that continues to limit the size of their family, one can feel very misunderstood, even by fellow brother and sisters in Christ. Encouragement will often times not be found from friends and family. I often times have to remind myself that God knows best and will Bless those who will trust in Him.
I thought I would share some passages from a book that has shown me many points that Christians have lost sight of.
"The enemy knows the power of life. Every human being that comes into the world is another potential for God's purpose and glory and to destroy the works of the enemy. This is why Satan tries to destroy God's purpose for mothers. The greatest threat to him is a mother who understands her calling, to nurture and nourish life, to train, polish, and sharpen these children for God's mighty purposes- and for the eternal age." Be Fruitful and Multiply
"Now at the this time when God is looking for a people to fulfill His purposes like no other time in history, Satan is once again trying to eliminate the army of God. Over these last few decades, he has been very successful. Born-again, God-loving Christians have fallen into His deceptive plan and helped him reduce God's army."
I have many areas in my life that are not pure. My faith is not always and strong as it should be and I often times have to remind myself to be content with were I am in my life at this point. Life is pretty difficult at times. God doesn't tell us that following His plan will always be easy, instead He tells us that we will be persecuted- that is one way we know we are doing His Will. I am Blessed by God, for I know He is by my side. He will give me strength, patience, and guidance--if I will only listen to Him. God calls life GOOD!