Friday, January 8, 2010

Does God see Meekness in our hearts?

We are told from God to have a meek spirit, but what does that really mean? Like the word "submission" I believe that we have a misunderstanding of what this word really means, so here is a simple study for us to ponder on,,,,,1. Humble patient or submissive, as under provocation from others. 2. Overly patient or submissive; tame. 3. Gentle; kind, meek, soft, mild, modest, long-suffering, enduring, modest, tolerant, persevering, understanding, unhurried.
Synonyms would be: humbleness, resignation, surrender, forbearance, yielding, docility;unassuming, understanding

In today's world, ladies are encourage to be verbal, flashy and unyielding. We grow up to be wives and mothers and wonder why there is so much anger and lack of peace in our lives. I truly believe that searching the Bible and finding out what God expects of us is the only way to find real happiness in our lives,,,,despite the world around us! I know that I can see many examples in the words above that remind me of areas I need to pay extra attention to.
How patient and soft did I speak to my children? How submissive and yielding am I to my Husbands needs? Did I preserver in my chores? Let us remind one another to pray to God for help in these areas! ~xo~

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Farmgirl said...

Thanks for the reminder of living a life of true humility.
Dee :-)