Tuesday, November 24, 2009


In a world that continues to limit the size of their family, one can feel very misunderstood, even by fellow brother and sisters in Christ. Encouragement will often times not be found from friends and family. I often times have to remind myself that God knows best and will Bless those who will trust in Him.
I thought I would share some passages from a book that has shown me many points that Christians have lost sight of.
"The enemy knows the power of life. Every human being that comes into the world is another potential for God's purpose and glory and to destroy the works of the enemy. This is why Satan tries to destroy God's purpose for mothers. The greatest threat to him is a mother who understands her calling, to nurture and nourish life, to train, polish, and sharpen these children for God's mighty purposes- and for the eternal age." Be Fruitful and Multiply
"Now at the this time when God is looking for a people to fulfill His purposes like no other time in history, Satan is once again trying to eliminate the army of God. Over these last few decades, he has been very successful. Born-again, God-loving Christians have fallen into His deceptive plan and helped him reduce God's army."
I have many areas in my life that are not pure. My faith is not always and strong as it should be and I often times have to remind myself to be content with were I am in my life at this point. Life is pretty difficult at times. God doesn't tell us that following His plan will always be easy, instead He tells us that we will be persecuted- that is one way we know we are doing His Will. I am Blessed by God, for I know He is by my side. He will give me strength, patience, and guidance--if I will only listen to Him. God calls life GOOD!