Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Just thought I would share this prayer with others. I think that we should all be in much prayer and preparation of the days to come. Pray for our families and our country. Pray that our freedoms are not anymore restricted and the liberal unbiblical "change" that has been promised, is hindered. Through God, all things are possible, if only we will be His vessels. Strength to us all, from God All Mighty. ~xo~

Nicholas JacksonDecember 28,
Author’s note: Rick Warren has a daunting task ahead of him during his upcoming inaugural prayer for Barack Obama. Here are some brief humble suggestions for him as he prepares for this historic moment. May we be in prayer for Obama’s salvation and national repentance.
Lord we begin this year with our heads low and our hearts contrite.
We have neglected your Word and commandments.
Forgive us Lord for embracing “Change” without repentance.
Forgive us for putting “Country First" instead of Christ.
Forgive us for worshiping our presidential choice.
For promoting pragmatism, and endorsing evil.
Remind us our vote is the currency of our virtue.
Forgive us for applauding an Esther (Palin), when she was a sign of God’s judgment.
Remind us that judgment begins at the house of God.
Forgive us for putting our tax exempt status before Christ.
Forgive us for teaching that God is a God of love but not of justice and wrath.
For creating a God in our own image and worshiping him.
For preaching peace, peace when there is no peace.
Forgive us for loving sinners to death, when God says, He hates the workers of iniquity.
Forgive our complacent American Church,
For using the rapture as an excuse for sloth.
For using taxation (coercion) to fight poverty when the Church should be serving them.
Forgive us for making innocent life “above our paygrade.”
For believing “life begins at conception” yet allowing embryo experimentation.
Forgive us Lord for voting single issue on the economy.
Remind us there can be no financial security until there is security in the womb.
Forgive us for having unjust measures, paper money (fiat currency) not backed by gold.
For rewarding covetousness and greed, and squandering our children’s inheritance.
Forgive us for decrying socialism (bailouts) while sending our Christian children to socialist schools.
Forgive us for railing against gay marriage (which we should) while indulging in pornography and embracing divorce.

Forgive us for battling AIDS (which we should) but neglecting the sin often at its root.
Forgive us for making global warming an idol.
Remind us you are coming in judgement with fire to judge the quick and the dead.
Lord may you use the coming financial storm to judge our idolatry, and make us more reliant on you, not our 401k's.

Use the coming tribulation to shake off the rotten fruit of the corporate, seeker sensitive mega-churches and leave fruit that lasts.
Turn the father’s hearts to their children, and bring true revival to America
Change is coming.
God Bless America,
In Jesus name, Amen
© 2008 Nicholas Jackson - All Rights Reserved

Friday, December 19, 2008

Covered in Ice!

I am the bear. Hope nobody was looking!
The comment I received on Mr. Baldwin's article. (>
I have to say that I am intrigued with the Constitution Party and their beliefs. However I am not fond of any party trying to drag another party down to build up their own credibility. (Heb 13:7) No matter what we need to respect the position of President of the United States as long as the are not going directly against the Bible and allow God to be the judge.(Col 1:16-17) I would like to see a U-tube or any video of G.W.'s actual statement denouncing the Bible. If he did make that statement how sad for him. BUT it is not our job to tear him down, instead do our part to build the country up. We need to put more time changing the world by winning souls rather than slandering our leaders. If we change the world one life at a time and teach them to multiply we may end up with a majority to stand up for biblical principals in the next election. We must first start at the local level and work our way up. Please note that this is not against you. I do agree with you. I feel that a lot of people use God as a marketing tool, and I feel He will deal with them accordingly. I support your belief and am looking into the Constitution Party, but I do feel we can take the high road by leading by example and not dragging down or leaders. I am interested in receiving your response? I have purposely replied to all the promote discussion on this topic. feel free to fowardGood Health & God BlessScott D. Phillips"2nd Samuel 22:33"
my answer back: I am so glad that you took the time to read Mr. Baldwin's article. I wonder if you have went to his web site? Mr. Baldwin has been writing on the subject on our Country and the Bible for some time. I was reading some of his stuff before I even knew he was running for president, really before I even knew there was a Constitution Party. I must say that when reading his article I did not see it as "dragging another party down." I did, however feel his frustration with fellow Christians, along with his dismay for the path that the Republican Party has taken. I, too, feel like the position of President of the United States of America, is a most respected position. (although, I must also say I would like to see more respectful men filling this position!) But, with that said, I must also say, that I strongly believe that the people in ELECTED POSITIONS ARE going against the Bible. I also believe that God will judge these acts along with the Christians that allow such acts to happen. I feel like that is what we may be getting ready to feel. God's judgment for our weakness to stand together against what is wrong, for what is right and of God. In truth, I have no respect for the acts of our present President. He has not earned Christian respect. While I do not wish him harm, and I do pray for his soul, I do not think of him highly. I do not have tv, so I did not see the news report, if you look hard enough you might be able to find a u-tube on the web. While you are looking, You might be interested to know that Mr. Bush has been quoted saying that the Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper. You must also remember that not EVERYTHING is found on video, and if they don't want us to hear it bad enough, they can keep it from being on the web. Maybe, I should keep a glimps of hope that these quotes are made-up, (which would get the people who are saying it in serious trouble, for slander). But I have more faith that it is true, than not.
Souls are so very important to win for God. That can not be argued. I think, also, that those who are saved should be in constant watch of how they act and check if they are in God's way, or falling the wider path of the world and sin. I think that so many souls are getting led to Salvation, and then left weak and in a baby state. Which really doesn't change the world for better, but slanders God's name. For when one can not tell the saved from the unsaved in conversation or by their acts,(or how they vote) God's army is weak.
This is such a delicate subject for most to talk about. I am thankful that you feel strongly enough to respond and to think on the subject. That alone is so much more than many are willing to do. The fact is, that Christians of this generation, are so weak. We have not felt real hardship and going without. Our generation has always has either the gov. to fall back on or other resources. Our parents, have not trained us to fend for our self or even question those in elected positions. They have been mislead by what the Bible says and what God intended for Christians to do. We are never told to give evil it's way and stand by on prayer. I feel like if Christians are in real prayer, they will be led to act according to God, which would lead us to refuse to follow the ways of satin. We are so blind, that we don't even know that we are being led deeper and deeper in slavery. We are so foolish that we would rather just have "peace" than to stand up against, what we are told is "God appointed leaders". God gave us our Constitution. That is what rules over us. (as your verse Heb. 13:7 refers to. and Romans 13-- Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. (God ordained our Constitution. that is the Higher power for America. We do not answer to man, and most certainly not a man who partakes in evil doings. G.W. Bush is not a "higher power" that we are to answer to, nor the sheriff or governor. If it is unconstitutional we are not bound to that law. Romans 13:3, For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. I fear what laws our president has passed. I fear what a police person can do to me and my family without right. I fear that my emails could be read by someone other that the one I am sending to. I fear that the government, which fellow christians seem to want to convince me are of God, can do what ever they please to who ever they want to and without a trial. check the laws, they have changed quite a lot over the past few years. G.W. Bush is not "minister of God to thee for good. And my family owes no due to him or any of his other unconstitutional laws he has passed illegal.
I know, I sound maybe out of line. We have studied this over and over and I strongly feel and would like others to see -that they are being lead away from Faith in God, by making ways (excuses) for what is going on. It is really simple in the end. It is either evil, or good. For or against God. We just need to face up to what is happening and stop staying in the dark. What are we afraid of? We have God waiting for us on the other side. but, life is so more comfy, this way. Not to but up a struggle. I often wonder, what would our lives be like, it others had not fought for God's way in times before us? How different our lives would be now. Thankfully, many have sacrificed for us, for God. How then, shall we keep that alive.
The end, may very well be just around the corner for us, but then again, it may not. What will we do, if in our apathy, we find ourselves wanting for food, and the gov. has it ready with the condition that we comply, or heat in the cold, medicine for our sick. We must work hard, not just saving souls but fighting against the path our elected politicians are taking us. We answer to God, we are saved by His Grace. God gave so much and all we do, is turn our eyes to what is happening around us. Abortion, theft of our labor, pollution of our children's minds, our much taken for granted freedoms, including! speech and religion. How can one not say that they are going against God? It leaves my shocked.
I am just a wife and mother. We are multiplying for God. We are working to find His way, through what the world is shoving in our way. We are fighting against so many. Our family, who wants their pleasures over God, our Government, who wants our labors and our children's future........God did not free us from slavery so many generations ago, for us to allow it to happen again. but as we know from our Bible readings, that sometimes is what happens. We will pay for our weakness, and then who will Christians turn to????? God or Government? That is my strong belief on the matter. I do hope that I have been able to express myself in a way that is understandable and shows some knowledge on the issue.

thanks for responding, ,,,,,,Blessings of the Season to you and your family. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This is what I am gong to post in my kitchen for the new year. My children and I are going to memorize it and find better ways to not waste! I think that so many of us struggle with this and want to work better in this area. Maybe this will give your family motive.

Wilful waste brings woeful want.
And you may live to say,
How I wish I had that crust
That once I threw away.
~Thomas Fuller
I can't believe how long it has been since I posted. (my main comment lady is gone from her computer, and I figured nobody else was reading--if there is anyone reading, sorry for the lack of comments!)
So why nothing to comment on? Can't say that I have nothing to say, just a lack of knowing how to say what I want to say. I am full of mixed emotions these days. With Christmas coming, elections being over, (yes, I am still working on how to understand what has happened in America--shock can sometimes take awhile to get past!) and did I mention I have a bunch of monkey's in my house- climbing the walls and reorganizing all my stuff!

So aside from all that, I have been craving crafting! I have been working with my sewing machine a bit more lately, and LOVING it! My hubby got it for me a bit more than a year ago. I had a baby right after that and sort of had to shut the door for a while. Not anymore! I have been working on Christmas gifts to give the ones I love, this year. To make my gifts even more special, I have been using some fabric that my grandmother gave me. I know that she used her fabric to cloth her children and herself. I have much respect for my grandmother. She knows what if means to be a women of God. I love her so much and her fabric is a piece of her. I am so pleased to be able to make gifts for my family from her scraps. Thank You, Mrs. H.D.P. xo

Monday, December 1, 2008

What I want to be...

When children get to a certain age, everyone starts asking, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

What if a young lady answered - A wife, a mom, a homemaker, a keeper of the home?

what sort of looks do you think she would get? What would her elders think?

Would she be thought of as lazy, uninspired, brainwashed-or amazing, Godly, unselfish?

who do you live for?

A young woman was complaining, to her friend about her long hair. She was talking about how long it took to comb, and how it was often in her way. Her friend suggest just cutting it short. The young lady told her friend that she keeps it long, because her husband likes it that way. She, her self, doesn't really care one way or the other, but her husband likes it so she keeps it long for him. Her friend, rolls her eyes, and simple says- "who's hair is it anyway? I would tell my husband, if he likes long hair so much, he should grow his long!"
The lady answers her friend with this thought provoking answer.
"I am always looking for ways to please and serve my husband. I serve God, by serving my husband. My husband serves God by providing for me and our children. If it pleases my husband for my hair to be long- how hard is it for me to keep it long? Sure, it takes some time, but how much time is too much for God? I serve my husband by cooking for him and providing a happy home to him. What better way can I serve my God? God doesn't tell me to live for myself, he tells me to live for Him, by serving others. Since, I am married, the first person I am to serve is my husband- and through that simple act of doing for him out of love- I serve God!"
Then she tell her friend thank you. For what her friend ask? "For reminding me, how my service to God should come without complaining! I am now thankful to have hair, and blessed to be able to grow long hair- in which pleases my husband."