Monday, December 1, 2008

who do you live for?

A young woman was complaining, to her friend about her long hair. She was talking about how long it took to comb, and how it was often in her way. Her friend suggest just cutting it short. The young lady told her friend that she keeps it long, because her husband likes it that way. She, her self, doesn't really care one way or the other, but her husband likes it so she keeps it long for him. Her friend, rolls her eyes, and simple says- "who's hair is it anyway? I would tell my husband, if he likes long hair so much, he should grow his long!"
The lady answers her friend with this thought provoking answer.
"I am always looking for ways to please and serve my husband. I serve God, by serving my husband. My husband serves God by providing for me and our children. If it pleases my husband for my hair to be long- how hard is it for me to keep it long? Sure, it takes some time, but how much time is too much for God? I serve my husband by cooking for him and providing a happy home to him. What better way can I serve my God? God doesn't tell me to live for myself, he tells me to live for Him, by serving others. Since, I am married, the first person I am to serve is my husband- and through that simple act of doing for him out of love- I serve God!"
Then she tell her friend thank you. For what her friend ask? "For reminding me, how my service to God should come without complaining! I am now thankful to have hair, and blessed to be able to grow long hair- in which pleases my husband."

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