Friday, December 19, 2008

The comment I received on Mr. Baldwin's article. (>
I have to say that I am intrigued with the Constitution Party and their beliefs. However I am not fond of any party trying to drag another party down to build up their own credibility. (Heb 13:7) No matter what we need to respect the position of President of the United States as long as the are not going directly against the Bible and allow God to be the judge.(Col 1:16-17) I would like to see a U-tube or any video of G.W.'s actual statement denouncing the Bible. If he did make that statement how sad for him. BUT it is not our job to tear him down, instead do our part to build the country up. We need to put more time changing the world by winning souls rather than slandering our leaders. If we change the world one life at a time and teach them to multiply we may end up with a majority to stand up for biblical principals in the next election. We must first start at the local level and work our way up. Please note that this is not against you. I do agree with you. I feel that a lot of people use God as a marketing tool, and I feel He will deal with them accordingly. I support your belief and am looking into the Constitution Party, but I do feel we can take the high road by leading by example and not dragging down or leaders. I am interested in receiving your response? I have purposely replied to all the promote discussion on this topic. feel free to fowardGood Health & God BlessScott D. Phillips"2nd Samuel 22:33"

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