Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving Thanks

Happy Giving Thanks day!
(one day late!- but we can be thankful for more than one day, right?)
We had our meal yesterday, lots of bodies and lots of food!
I played it risky this year! I made homemade rolls and noodles! Rolls seemed ok- noodles-----need to roll out thinner next time, way thinner! Hubby cooked all the meats, (another thankful from me)
We had yummy pies and lots of sides!
Now what to do with all that left over meat. I got everything picked off the bones today, so now I need to get ready to make turkey pot pie, and pork tacos. (which, I am to tired to even want to get up to do) We ate the left over pie for breakfast. (now, come on, it not worse that store bought cereal or donuts-really better in taste and nutrition.)
All in all it was a good visit. Lots to be thankful for, even during these time of great concern with the future of our nation. Thankfully God's love is a sure thing.
Let us remember His wrath, also.

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