Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Plans!
My family has been blessed to host a gathering of family and friends for a Thanksgiving meal for several years now. Most families already have several places to go, but it just works out that that some loved ones are able to come. (usually ends us being about 20ish people)
This will be the first year for some time now, that I have not been prego. or feeding a little baby,,yes, the little man still gets mommy, but at least he isn't newborn!

We started to list some things that we were thankful for a few years ago. I like the idea of naming somethings that goes with each letter of the alphabet, it makes me think harder and reminds me of blessings that I had overlooked!
So, here goes my list for this year! Feel free to share some blessings from your life!

A-arms, age,
B-Babies, Boys, Bible, barns, books, birds, butterflies
C-Christ, cows, chickens, chocolate! coffee, children, colors,
E- eggs, eyelashes, electricity
F-family, friends, food, freezers, freedom, fabric, flowers
G-God, giggles, girls, grandparents, garlic, gardens
H-hair, husband, herbs, hay, hugs, hats, health
I- independence,
K-kisses, kings
L-lace, learnen! love
M-milk, mommies, music, marriage,
N- nuts,
P-pictures, prayer
R-Ron Paul,
S-Salvation, smiles, shelter, shoes, silence, safety
T- transportation, truth,
W-warmth, work. wool
*some of those letters are hard to fill!

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