Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not Me,,,

It wasn't me, who forgot to water the plants,
it wasn't me, who freaked out about the stuff all over the floor!
Not I, who left the cat in the garage, or fed the cats too much.
It wasn't I who left the wet clothes in the washer for too many days, resulting in a double washing, or had to shove a bunch of clean clothes in a hamper before the company arrived.
Not I, who had to dig out more pj and clean towels from the pile of clothes.
Not I, who pretended my hair was fixed by pushing on a winter hat,
Not I, who dropped the glass jar in the store, resulting in a big mess!
It wasn't me, who forgot to call and say thankyou for -------, and forgot to say happy birthday!
I don't have to write down everything so I won't forget, and then loose my list so I can't remember what I am trying to do right.
It wasn't me! who forgot to put the tuna in the tuna casserole, or turn on the burner to cook the hamburger! Not I,, who let the children have some chocolate and watch a movie to keep everyone happy! Not I, who drinks too much coffee and not enough water! I never stay up too late "working" on the computer! And I'm not afraid my cow will kick me or knock her big old head in my hurting body!!!!!!!! And my armpits are shaved and my legs, too. (the rest is my business!))
((that was fun!)

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boy crazy said...

and it wasn't me who shaved one armpit and forgot the other one.