Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our hearts are burdened. My children are sad, I am sad.
The outcome of the election, has left me feeling mournful. I feel as though something I love- has died, and the loss of it is too much to understand. I don't know how to express my emotions. I look at my children and I cry. I think about the future of our America, and I disappointment.

I think that the outcome of the election, not just Obama's votes, but McCain and Chuck Baldwin also, is a picture of the strength of "Christians" in America. Dedication to God, Family, and Country, has changed over the years, that much is for sure. This year our votes have shown dedication to me, me, and me! (not personally me- but overall "me". ) We have Forgotten God, Overlooked Family, and Trashed Country!

What sad times for America. How do we look our children in the eyes and tell them what happened? Where we went wrong? How we allowed ourselves to be beguiled?

Yes, God is my hope, and my love, and my future. But He is also who I answer to- and this is a day that I don't have words for God. Just a broken heart. For God, my family and my country.

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