Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So many children

While shopping the other day, a man asked my husband if we were Mormons. Why? Because we have "so" many children. How many, is "so" many? 4!?
As we drove home this made me think. It seems odd that a family with 4 small children, are thought to be of a certain religion. Christians not being the first thought. Are Christians so "worldly" that they don't even stick out with the size of their family?
Why don't Christians tend to have large families anymore? We have a wonderful and all powerful God, a trip to Heaven to look forward to, a Father in Heaven who will provide for all our needs- and we won't hardly have more than 2-3 children!
(and all we talk about is having "faith", "trusting in God", "look to God for answers")
My conclusion-The Christian population (in general) is a weak. What we say we do and tell others to do is not followed in our own lives. We look to the world and our "own understanding" for what is best and how we should live.
It's no wonder what road America is on. The road "most" traveled, not the narrow road. Which road would God want us to travel? Well, that depends, who do you want to please? You or God?

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mlJudin said...

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Enjoy-the site is addicting.