Saturday, September 13, 2008

making salsa

When we planted our little garden last spring, tomatoes were on my brain. I wanted all sorts of colors, size and flavor. The thing we all must remember about our plans, is that they might in fact not go our way. Which is how the whole tomato thing went. Not sure why, but the tomatoes just didn't produce like I had pictured it in my head. We will try harder next year, and we will just have to plant more tomato plants.
With that said I did get to make some really yummy salsa. (I should add that this was a group project, the Hubby and I made the salsa) It turned out wonderful. I had some for lunch the next day and just ate it like soup. We aren't real spicy people- but this most diffidently has a nice kick to it. Not sure if I will give out my secret ingredient or not--- maybe on Monday!
**I am posting a pic. of the salsa- before and after,,,,,not sure the after pic. is as good look en as it is tasting!

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