Thursday, September 11, 2008


August is over and fall is here! This cool weather just has my brain going crazy! So much to get ready for. Pumpkins are turning orange, and soon the trees will be turning all shades of yellows, red, orange, and brown. I really do love fall. At least the early part. Everyone is ready for a break from the heat. (Which I must say really wasn't too bad this year) The windows are open and cozy blankets are ready to be used. The children are a little ahead of me, they seem to want to skip right over fall and go into winter. (They have been playing Christmas music for a week now--I might have to "hide" those tapes for awhile:-))
But I must say that I too have been thinking about the giving of gifts. If I start now, I just might get some stuff done. I have been working on getting the craft-creativity room ready. This should make crafting much better.
And baking! Who isn't ready to do some baking!!??
Lots of plans for the end of this year- with Earl turning 1-Sophia getting ready to turn 3! and Thanksgiving coming!!!!!
I think I need to get all my ideas in order- before I forget what I was planning on. I am always looking for great ways to organize my ideas. Any tips from you all will be very much liked. (As long as you don't tell me to throw things away--that would defeat what I have been doing over the past few years!)

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