Monday, September 15, 2008

things to come

My sister-in-law, is going to try to come and visit us this weekend. We are really looking forward in seeing her little man and how much he has grown, and of course showing off our little ones, too. Since she just found out that she is expecting another little blessing, I want to help make her feel REALLY comfy. I have this wonderful picture in my head of us eating, watching movies, and just doing a lot of visiting. (I'll be flexible, I know things don't always go the way my head sees it :-)
HHmmm, I'm thinking brownies, (or pie) mac. and cheese and garlic cheesy mashed potatoes, (or sweet mashed potatoes) some herb roasted Cornish hens. Still thinking about breakfast, I need to know what her favs. are.

So this is Monday and i am already thinking about the wkend! But until that comes, we have a load of things to do. With schooling and regular chores, plus everything else that comes up, I think we will stay busy.
One of my goals is for my home to run more smoothly! This is going to take a lot of work for me. I need to change how somethings are going and figure out how to smooth out the wrinkles. I know that this will make everything more pleasant at home, which is what I am working for. I want my girls to LIKE being home and look forward to having that life as they grow into womenhood.
All that said, I am working toward having a "NEST" that is cozy and warm. One step at a time. I plan on posting what "task" I am ironing at the time, with quotes and helpful hints that I found to be helpful. Plus, I hope that others who read my post (if anyone is even reading it!) will comment tips of their own.
I think us lady folks should be more encouraging of one another. Always remembering that each of us are our own, and have our own unique families. We may not alway agree with what each others says, but we are all women. We all love our families, and want the best for our little ones. That is really all that matters. If you don't want to use the advise posted on this blog, fine. That is for you to decide. If what you read makes you mad, you may want to find another blog to read. If I post anything that you think is wrong, I will review that, and if in fact I am wrong, I would be more than eager to post my wrongs. I have a lot of things to do in my days. I do not have time to deal with people posting ugly comments! Thank you xo

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