Thursday, September 11, 2008


Seven Years have passed since the Twin Towers fell. So much happened that day. Everything seemed to be happening so fast, so hard to really understand what was going on. So many lives ended that day, and so many lives were changed forever. Still to this day, people are loosing their lives. Some in other counties, and many right here in America. Today, I not only ask you to remember the family of the soldiers that lost their lives in war, but I also ask you to remember the heroes who fought to save lives in the towers. So many of these men who help in the cleanup of the building rubble, are suffering still today. They are suffering from many health problems that have come from the work they did during those months that followed 9-11. So in remembrance of the live lost, and the lives that are still suffering, I ask you to REMEMBER. Take the time to find out more about that day, and what really happened on 9-11. Check out the web sites listed to find out more details that have been learned of since those weeks of "terror".

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