Friday, September 19, 2008

pot pie

I made some yummy potpie the other night. I was really happy with how it turned out. These things make me nervous to bake. I am worried that the crust on the bottom won't be done, or the filling won't be flavored enough, or the crust just won't work. Thankfully, everyone liked it, even the hubby- that's a hard one! So she called today to ask how I made it- I'm sure she will love it, too. Here is the recipe and a pic, (I used turkey, because that is what I had, also,, I am just a mommy cooking for my fam. this is not a cooking show and I don't really know what I am doing,,,,if your pie doesn't turn out all that great-try, try again)

Pot Pie (cook at about 350 temp.)

Melt 4T. butter (1/2 stick) in pot

add onions and garlic (to taste) cook a bit

add 2C. chicken stock, 1 1/2c. milk (or half and half)

salt, pepper, nutmeg, splash of lemon juice, parsley,

Add carrots, celery, peas, (or a bag of mixed frozen peas)

*I let this cook a bit* (low heat)

Next add 1/2c. Flour, mix well, cook a bit,

last add your meat,

let this cook while you prepare your dough,

**stir from time to time** (low heat)


wisk 1t. salt with 2/3c. really cold water until dissolved

(I kept it in the freezer while I got my flour stuff ready)

cut into small pieces 1c. cold butter (5T.)

scatter over 3c. flour ( I used my fingers, do this until well blended)

Add your water (it's in the freezer!) use your hands and mix it all end

divide into 2 balls

find out how large of a circle you need for your baking pan and roll out your dough,

(sprinkle a little flour on your table and roll out your dough) At this point I shut off the filling, put my crust on the bottom of pan (I used my cast iron skillet) pour in your filling, becareful it's hot! cut a few T. butter and scatter over filling and put on your top crust on. Next beat up one egg and rub on your top crust. WALLA! Stick it in the pre-heated oven. I don't know how long to cook. I just keep checking it every 10 or so min. and when the top crust looked good I took it out. If your hubby is starving, tell him it should cool a bit because it is pipping hot, but if he just can't be still, go ahead and let him at it.

Hope yours is yummy!

(T.-stands for tablespoons, t. stands for teaspoons)


Sara said...

wow! that is impressive! i can "cook" cereal and sandwhiches...ha ha ha! i'm sooo not a whiz in the kitchen ;)

boy crazy said...

who is "she"? :p i make this sometimes for my family, too. it is so good, but we usually eat it all gone that night. i do mine a little differently, and i love to use lots of corn and onion and carrots in mine. and i use real butter and put minced garlic in with everything to cook. i use boneless, skinless chicken thighs cuz they are the most tender and tasty. it's also really good made with cornbread as the crust. actually, i think i'll make this tonight! our family could use a little tlc for our tummies, and i'll make charlie take the kids and stay out of the kitchen. i think i'll take my sweet time. :P xoxo