Saturday, September 13, 2008


The rain has pulled everyone indoors. This, along with the cool weather has me thinking about nesting! (not the prego. type :-)-the lets all get cozy type)
It has me thinking about how animals make their nest ready for their little ones. Animals are amazing. Nobody is in their face telling them how to prepare. They aren't reading mags. or watching the TV, they just listen to what God tells them. They do what comes natural, no second guessing. No worries about what is in fashion or what the church friends will think. The animals just know what is needed to do- and do it they do. Wow! God is always showing His Work to me. Thank You, God for the Wisdom You show us through Your World.
**I think that we should share our unworldly ways of nesting. What this means to me, is not doing what is "in" but what makes your family comfy!

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