Thursday, September 11, 2008

making friends

I really feel odd telling others about my blog, mostly because I have read some really awesome blogs, and mine has a bit to be desired. However, without readers- well- the fun of having a blog is sort of missed. So I am spreading the word and whomever leaves a message will get put into a drawing for one really nice gift package. The package will be perfect for the new fall season and will be, of course, free of chemicals, and any other "bad" stuff. The big kicker is, you must spread the word. I must have at least 10 visitors. The deadline will be September 26, Friday. That's not much time, so spread the word fast my ladies! XO


M & L said...

Hello Shawna,

Read your blog, actually got on hoping to find some family photos, are you going to upload some pictures of the kiddos?

Tree by the Sea Farms said...

you did it! You started a blog....good for you! Good idea to write down your pass word where you can find it as well.


Terry said...

I am not 'one of your girls' but you visited my blog and left some encouraging words so here I am visiting yours. Good to see fellow Christians blogging and as a Canadian I am interested in your country as we go there quite often. I pray for your country with the up-coming election and also that as a country you will be able to overcome your huge financial difficulties. God Bless.