Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy First Day of October!

For some reason the first day of October is just very exciting to me. Fall is so here. We have noticed some trees turning colors, and the temp. is feeling feeling very fall like these days. It seems like our garden is purt near all done, which is fine, the apple harvest could really keep us busy for a while. How can one complain? The smell of apples and spices cooking together. Makes me not want to leave my house. (except to get some more pumpkins maybe:)

So much is going on. I just found some really rad web sites and blogs today. I will lookem over and post some links! I am so excited. I feel some really great sewing projects coming on!!!! And I will be cooking some bread this wk...............just got to get it started!;-)

God is good!

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~~Deby said...

This is my favorite month too...actually favorite Season...I am enjoying it so much, it goes by far too fast.