Friday, October 24, 2008


Today we are going to Kansas City to see the Constitution Party candidates for President and Vice President!!! Chuck Baldwin is who we are voting for Hope For America. Why?

-Because we believe in Freedom

-We like America being America as it was founded

-Less Government control all around!

-A man that answers to God

-We want jobs back in America

-We want our borders protected

-We want our solders here! protecting us on our soil!
-We want the government to stop letting private banks print up money out of thin air!

-We want someone who stands on something and stays strong!

*McCain is not a true Christian. He believes in evolution!
He twist what he stands for all the time. His voting record is not strong! One year he is for it, next year against. I don't trust that.

He is a member of the CFR, which is working to unite Canada, Mexico, and America as one! They are also very much for pushing the whole Global Warming lie. Yes, I did say lie. The facts behind global warming are twisted. (which is a lie!)

McCain is for the Patriot Act, which gives the government the right to listen to your phone calls, without you knowing. It give the government the right to come into my house without a permit and without me being home and without me even knowing they were here! Now if you can find good in that than you need to show it to me, because I see that as pure control!

The government can also take my cars from me, our animals, our food, our ways of protecting our family, and anything else they see fit to take- if a state of emergency is declared. Sorry, but I think we should be able to protect our families if America is in a state of emergency!!!

**Well, that's is just a few reasons we are voting for Constitution Party. We will be putting our Hope in God, because His Word says we should follow truth. His Word says that we should trust in Him and that He will bless a nation that turns to Him. I think that that means not voting for the "fat cats", and putting our vote for the men that will look to God for guidance.

(not just fill us with empty words of "hope" and "change", with out really telling us what he has planned) God never tells us to do what is most popular. God tells us to seek wisdom! I hope you will take the time to look into a Party for America

**tell me what you don't agree with after you look up the party platform!


Anonymous said...

I agree completely!
Thanks for the post!

lady jane said...

What chance of winning does Ron Paul have?

momma read said...

Ron Paul was the Republican Party's perfect man! The "big wigs" did not want him to be heard, so they worked hard to keep us in the dark about him. While they did keep him from getting a fair chance to be a republican candidate, they will not shut down his strong movement! Less control-more freedom! Ron Paul supports Chuck Baldwin for president! They both want our Constitution to lead our country.
Anything can happen with God's will, but I don't think voting Ron Paul is a good idea, anymore. (I say that with much sadness!) But we are so Blessed that God has given us a second chance to support a Godly moral man for President Of America! (and his name will be on most states ballots!)