Thursday, October 9, 2008

Debt Clock

The reason I am posting this is because,,,,,,,,See the $ spot- now they have added a one in that spot- before it was only the home of t

he $ sign! I think this is really sad. Does not the Bible talk about debt- I am going to have to look that up, more later.

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Wendy Jo said...

Oh, the bible says a TON about debt and money handling. Basically if you borrow money you become a slave to the lender. God says that we should be a slave to no one but Him, so by borrowing we are essentially sinning to the effect that our allegence now is pledged to another. We know we are to have no other gods before Him, and now our money and our servitude are our gods. Whew! Although I hate to see the economy crash and times get tough - it is exactly what this nation needs to get out of their greed.