Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Constitution Party Candidates did it again! What you say? They showed us what real men (that look to God) stand for!
We had a great time going to the Constitution Party meeting in Kansas City. Mr. Baldwin was running late because of a hold over due to bad weather. No matter, things went on! Our girls got asked before hand to sing the Pledge of Allegiance Song. (no I'm not going to be overly proud here, but WOW! ) So they didn't get to sing for a possible president of the US, but vise president candidate is very cool!
I didn't get to listen to much of the speaking, but my husband got to hear it all. Mr. Hubby, is not an easy man to please, so if he walks away feeling positive from you, your doing good! Mr. Hubby was very pleased with Mr. Castle. (VP candidate) "He really knows his stuff. This man is on top of it." And he was very pleased with Chuck Baldwin, too.
They gave real answers to the peoples questions. They tell you what they really think about the issue and a CLEAR answer on what they think should be done about the problem.
I must tell you, there is one really good drawback to being in the hall with a little one at these meetings. I got to meet Chuck Baldwin before everyone else even knew he was there! He let me take a picture of him and his wife and I got to shake hands with Mr. Baldwin. He looked me right in the eyes and asked me what my name was! and then I fainted.................well not really, but I was thinking how cool this moment was! (the bad thing is that my husband is never with me during these moments because he is in the meetings;-( I also got to speak with Mrs. Baldwin. I got to personally give her a small gift that I had brought for both of the wives and visit a bit with her. Let me tell you, she would make the White House look good! She was nicer than nice. I felt unworthy to be using her time! I was thankful to be able to tell her that it's the women of these men that I have a special prayer for, also. The whole family really has to be strong for these men. I don't know how well I would handle my hubby being gone so much and going to all these sort of events. I just wanted to tell her that my family really appreciates what her husband is working for, and that it takes a good women to to be a helper to such a man.
After the meeting we (as a family this time) got to meet Mr. Baldwin. He signed every sign that each child had made. And I got to take a pic. with Mr. Castle, too.
We will put this down as another "wild" 2008 adventure!
**pics later, sorry, they are on the camera memory and I have to switch that over to the computer**

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boy crazy said...

woo hoo! that is really cool! i went to check out the constitution party website and i agree with so much of what they are saying. i have avoided listening to ANY debates because i don't agree with MOST of what obama/mccain are "preaching and promising". it seems like instead of voting FOR someone, we are now having to choose who to vote AGAINST. it's so sad! i do need to research more on the constitution party...i will do so today. love to all, tell the girls we're proud of them! :x