Monday, September 14, 2009

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Publius said...

Yup - It is so refreshing to see conservatives that post this kind of telling it like it is. This Act givesthe government unlimited power - all under the name of "freedom". If I had to be on one of those planes that blows up cause somebody lights their shoes on fire, it would all be worth it if it meant that the government was not allowerd to make everybody take off their shoes and underwear prior to boarding. What's next, cameras in our houses?

I started my blog to try and gauge the pulse of the conservative side of the aisle and I was greatly saddened to find that they prety much are all about excoriating the Democrats and the Liberals, but they when you do that, and also point out how the Republicans have lost sight of the freedoms and limits that the founders placed on government, they all close ranks and justify anything doen by a Republican.

If you are a Texas, just try mentioning to your conservative friends how Republican Senators Hutchison, Cornyn, and Congressman Smith ALL voted for the TARP. They all close ranks and act like you are from Mars and make excused about hoe Republican Fascism is different from Liberal Fascism.