Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Special Changes in our life.

Every now and then something comes along that changes your life forever. Marriage and children are pretty common, and Salvation from our loving Father, God Almighty is the most special. However, the change I am thinking of today is a "simpler" change.
I find it interesting to sort of review big changes in the beginning of a new year. I prefer to review new changes rather than plan changes to come. My reason? I have no idea the change God is going to send my way. The best changes that have happened in our family life has come from God alone. Our only part was acting on the info. He has sent our way.
So with a new year starting, it is time to review the changes that God has sent us, and note the effects on our life!
*being aware of the ingredients on our food (this has also carried over into skin care products and household products.) Wow! this change has been major! Quite a learning experience and has involved the whole family. Yes, your children can get very excited about eliminating toxic ingredients from the home. And the faces that you get from others when you 4 year old tells em that the cake they are feeding everyone to celebrate a loved ones birth has High Fructose Corn Syrup or Red 40! (they still eat the cake, but at least they are thinking about what is in it)( I will link some web sites on the side to learn more about some ingredients to avoid.)
*Coming to the understanding that our life is Gods. This one seems pretty simple, right? Well, it's a bit deeper than that. Many of us say that we gave our lives to God, but how much of it are we really willing to give? For us the new area of control has been our family size. Yes, I know and have heard ALL the arguments on why we are to control this area, but none seem to be found in the Bible, so from now on God is the one who will decide when we add another Blessing to our family. So much Peace has come from this decision!
*We are never too old to learn and change! So glad to know this! The path of learning we have found best, is self care and history. We believe that learning ways to help ourselves is God pleasing. We also love enjoyed learning the REAL history of America. (not what they taught us in government controlled schools, but what they didn't teach us!)
*Learning the ways feminist have poisoned our world. This study will lead to many other areas of improvement and a closer walk with God.

This is some topics off the top of my head. Each area leads to more than what is listed. God is amazing, and if we will just slow down long enough to hear Him speak to us and be willing to follow His lead, we will be changed forever.
I would love to hear changes that God has lead your family to. Feel free to link to your web page or leave a comment on Change from God.

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