Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Got the Flu Bug?

Our whole family passed around the nasty flu bug. Not fun! However one good thing did come from the week of sickness. In the middle of the night, with the youngest throwing up non-stop, I remembered my ACTIVATED CHARCOAL! (why I didn't think about using this before, I had no idea) As soon as I gave some, mixed in water, to the baby, he stopped throwing up. No kidding! I know that is worked! I highly urge everyone to get some. ( go the click on the powerhour mall and you will find out how to get some.)
How does this work? It absorbs the toxins that are making you sick and passes it out of the body. His game out in his diaper. (It wasn't too hard to clean out) The Charcoal powder has many other uses, and for all of you that are avoiding meds. I think this is a MUST for you to have. (And if worked way better than any med. we have ever taken before!)
I know that I will remember is when the next person gets sick around here!

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