Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A note from me,,,,,

As you read the next post, it will not take you long to see that my blog fits the profile that the government is now saying is terrorist actions.
This is hitting close to home for me and many people I know and care for. We all have Ron Paul bumper stickers, along with many other stickers. We own books and movies that inform Americans about our history and tell truths about events that have occurred in our country.
We carry a copy of the Constitution and are happy to share these with others. (how does that sound like a terrorist?)
Speak out about this to others, read the links in the next post. This could be in your state next. Missouri isn't too far from home.
and last, but far from least--Please everyone unite in Prayer. We must all seek Gods Wisdom in how to protect our families, and how to preserve our freedoms,,,,if you won't do it for yourself, please do it for our children.


R. George Dunn said...

We have your Back. This has hit widely and it is opening a lot of eyes to why we need to git to those tea parties. They are our future! The Main Stream old media ignores the numbers. On 03/23, Orlando two grassroots moms, put on a Tea party in support of the Fight against the Tyranny of the Federal Government. The largest gathering ever in Orlando showed up!!!

The Constitutional Right has been attacked here as you have clearly made historical document of the oppression coming from Central Governments, a State, a Country by the U. S. Constitutions decree!

Excuse me for the error, the U. S. of America are no longer that any more. Today the Senate passed the American Volunteer Act that provides for 25% of the population of America to be employed, in his Civilian Army. Imagine an ACORN the size of THAT!!! Now it is the D. S. of America. Domain

The last date of needed Repentance by the Federal Government in the Surrender to the Constitution is 9/12. Glenn Back has birthed this date. We don't need to go there. Let us but agree to set up a council of 50 State Elders to provide for a plan of recovery from where we have strayed. Set up any social program separate and voluntary under these Elders, elected by the people as the Administrator of General Welfare programs, keeping the programs balanced on Constitutional.

Doctor Ron Paul has been the sage of the Century. His passion for the Truth in this Nation's Conduct made everyone feel guilty for being so ignorant. We have been snookered as a people. Reminds one of the people back in the Old Soviet Empire having one source of news, Provda and the people in that Nation believed it to be true, whether they wanted to or not. It became a habit.

Now that all is so clear it is time America say to say to Doctor Paul, "You Are Right!"

However, Ron Paul has a political issue with Taxes and has not supported the Fair Tax Plan. I know he would if he opened to it. If not, please come forward and debate it. The Doctor would very much agree to this. Starting on July 4th, 2009, all the taxes in your paycheck are officially over, and considered illegal for 6 months. Then set in place the Fair Tax Plan on January 1st, 2010. That way, we can keep the paycheck as gross, 22% increase in average Salary. Just ask Mike Huckabee about it.

Why are we not holding a summit of Conservative Leaders in both the Government and the private sector. This is America, in liberty and justice for under the Constitution, the Greatest Document ever created to bring FREEDOM!!!

R. George Dunn

Thanks for the note FarmGirl

R. George Dunn said...

Hope all is well